Why choose OBM consultancy ?

Global Presence: We transcend borders to connect clients with top-tier talent from every corner of the globe. With a vast network over the fashion capitals of the world, we ensure access to the most suitable candidates, regardless of their location.

Tailored Approach: We understand that every recruitment journey is unique. 

Commitment to Excellence: We are more than just recruiters; we are trusted advisors and partners in your success. Our unwavering dedication to cherishing long-term relationships built on trust, integrity, and mutual respect ensures that every collaboration yields positive outcomes. 

Creating a community : We believe in the power of community. Beyond simply connecting clients with candidates, we strive to foster a vibrant network of industry professionals who support, inspire, and collaborate with one another. 

Words from our founder Océane Taugis

« Having started my career on the shop floor and worked in various leadership roles across Europe, APAC and North America, I possess a comprehensive understanding of the global fashion retail industry. Having been able to partner with brands while expanding their business on a global scale as given me a strong understanding of different type of market and culture.

My journey reflects courage and determination. Early lessons from my father emphasized the importance of giving your best to clients, a principle I still uphold today.

Working with the same clients for over seven years, I remain committed to exceeding expectations.

My passion and dedication have propelled me to become one of Europe’s top-reffered fashion recruiters.

With a strong business focus, I have successfully built a vast network of candidates and clients. I aim to connect people through mindful and respectful relationships, leveraging my global network.

The name ‘OBM’ represents the initials of Oceane, Bastien, and Marius—my and my brother’s names—chosen to reflect the essence of fraternity and family within my company. »